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​​Bring Renowned Writer Flannery O’Connor to Film and Television 

"What we lost when she died is bitter. What we have is astonishing: the stories burn brighter than ever, and strike deeper." 
- Walter Clemons, Newsweek

Flannery O'Connor was a great writer with deep Catholic faith. She was a storyteller of tremendous power - winner of the National Book Award, included on TIme magazine's all-time best 100 novels, included on Esquire's list of 75 greatest women of all-time, winner of the National Book Foundation's poll of the best of the best National Book Award winners. She created stories that fascinate and engage Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants, as well as many non-Christians. She is a superb example of a writer with the rare ability to reach the world as well as the Church.

About Us

Catholic Alliance for the Film Arts is an association of Catholic organizations united towards the financial stewardship and promotion of films of excellence. Founded by Ignatius Press, Augustine Institute and other Catholic nonprofit organizations, CAFA raises funds and facilitates awareness around quality filmmaking consistent with the Christian creative vision. In this way, CAFA contributes to the world of culture by initiating conversations between the sacred boundaries of the faith and the deeply artistic language of cinema.

Combining the talents of an outstanding production company with seasoned filmmakers of profound skill and vision, the Catholic Alliance for Film Arts presents its first project, Five by Flannery.


Transforming Culture 

Through Catholic Art

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Five by Flannery

Produced by Good Country Pictures, Five by Flannery is an anthology feature film based on five critically acclaimed short stories by renowned author Flannery O'Connor.

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